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Expressway to buy University of Leicester Phony Diploma.A Leading UK University — University of Leiceste Expressway to buy University of Leicester Phony Diploma.jpg A Leading UK University — University of Leicester.Expressway to buy University of Leicester Phony Diploma. The The University was founded as Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland University College in 1921. The site for the University was donated by a local businessman, Thomas Fielding Johnson, in order to create a living memorial for all local people who made sacrifices during the First World War. This is reflected in the University's motto Ut vitam habeant – 'so that they may have life'.Students were first admitted to the college in 1921, sitting examinations for external degrees awarded of the University of London. In 1927 the institution became University College, Leicester; 30 years later the college was granted its Royal Charter. This gave it the status of a University with the right to award its own degrees.A Leading UK University — University of Leicester.Expressway to buy University of Leicester Phony Diploma. www.buydegree8.com selldegree@gmail.com Q/Wechat:1972729155    


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